CV / Resume

CV (curriculum vitae) is the presentation of personality of a person in his/her absence. It is the first document that requires when applying for a job. CV put your first impression on the employer. One can also say CV is the summarized format of a person. It shows what he/she has achieved, what specific ability he/she have? What are the limits are their thoughts? How well he/she will be utilizes what they have learned? Whether they know the objectives for what they are being applied or not?
There are many questions like that which you will present on one or two pages. Employer when looking at your cv has all these questions in their mind and they look at the cv, so that he/she can will obtains answers to these questions from the two pages and at the end after analyzing, employer easily make a sketch of your personality in his mind. If your sketch will be good than you will be lucky and you will be call for interview in case any other case than your CV will be in the near bye dustbin.
There are two types of CV.

  1.  Chronological CV
  2.  Functional CV

Chronological CV

Chronological CV also called performance cv which focus on your work achievements. Mostly undergraduates found lot of problems while writing cv. After completion of bachelors, they not know very well what they have achieved up till now as they found in their self-having without any professional experience, may be including one or two internships. But they forget they have 5-6 skills that were obtained in bachelor’s career. These are not related too much, but you can mention these:

  1. Team work (how you manage work/ how you will carry your work, in the absence of any team member)
  2.  Working under difficulties (when you have many assignments+ quizzes)
  3.  Leadership (developed when you become the leader of projects)
  4.  Presentation skills in front of audience
  5.  Communication skills (that develops by asking questions/talking on different topics)
  6.  Analytical skills
  7. Problem solving skill

Looking At Your CV

When you sent your CV for job to employer, than at the same time employers also have hundreds of other applicant’s job applications. Now when employer is looking at your CV. What do you think how long he spend to look at your CV?
Answer obtained after polling hundreds of employers.

  •  34% poll only 1minute
  • 37% poll 2minutes
  • 21% poll 3minutes
  • Only 7% polls 5minutes

This time that employer spent to look at your CV depends on no. of applicants and company value in market. What do you think about those 7% who spent 5minutes? This may be in case when no. of applications are less in numbers or may be where even employer not well aware of the objective of his company. So if you want a call for an interview than arrange yourself in a paper like employer’s demand.

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