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Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the measure of how the provided services and products by a specific company/organization meets the customer needs and up to how much level fulfill his expectations. Customers are of various kinds and in accordance expectations also vary from customer to customer. Primary goal of organization is to give more importance to their customers. Organizations can only be successful if they have good customers. Now it is the responsibility of an organization to set their goals according to customer needs.

Customer satisfaction is important to raise trust between the customers and organization, to set baseline for the future customer satisfaction, to set benchmark against the best organizations in the market, to compete the best service provider organizations, to identify weak areas of company and try to overcome in future and the most important is to link the customer satisfaction with their expectations and the outcomes they want.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer loyalty is the other term used for customer satisfaction. Customer loyalty is actually the cost required to transform active customer into a loyal customer.  A very less investment is required for the active customers and it is about 1$. To gain new customers it is about 5$ per customer. In case you want to win back the dissatisfied customer than the cost per customer is even more. It is now about 12$ per customer.

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