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The compactor is a machine that compact the layers of various materials and reduce the thickness of the respective layer by reducing the air voids. There are various types of compactors available in the market. Each has the same function but, size varies from portable to large compactor. Three most common types are; portable hydraulic compactor, rammer compactor and vibratory plate compactor.

Hydraulic Compactor

Hydraulic compactors are the most outstanding compactor. It is designed to mount on other equipment. It is like auxiliary equipment and can be mounted on excavators and backhoe machinery. It compact every type of material even compact material in places where other machines fail to compact.

Hydraulic compactor

Rammer Compactor

Rammer compactor is another type of compaction equipment’s and is used to compact foundations, footings, road curbs and road bases. Due to its small size and light weight it is used for interior floor compaction. It is also used to repair pavements, road shoulders, highways and streets.

Rammer Compactor

Vibratory Plate Compactor

Vibratory plate compactor compact the material through its vibration and weight and are used for compaction of granular soils. Vibratory plate compactor series has been specially designed for easy, effective compaction of asphalt, soil and other non-cohesive (or less-cohesive) materials. Vibratory plate compactor decreases the number of air voids through vibration and then compact the layer with its own light weight. Due to small size, it allows you to done compaction in confined areas where turning would otherwise impossible. During operation this machine generates a horizontal force to propel themselves in forward motion. This feature makes it easier to operate and handle.

Vibratory plate compactor

For the sake of safety measures, always wear safety helmet, safety gloves, wear eye, foot and ear protection.








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