How to Reduce Construction Cost while Building a House

When you are building a house, there are several aspects of the construction that you have to undertake before you start the actual construction.  Building a house is a one-way path. You cannot go back and fix the mistakes that you did during the construction process.

The route to the construction process begins with saving money on the development. There are two types of people in the society, one who put their money blindly without understanding the construction process or the market value of the property, and others are the professionals who know how to evaluate the cost of the property and the construction requirement to get the actual cost of house construction.

Once can use this Bangalore house Construction cost calculator tool which is free to calculate the cost of building a house. It is up to you in which category you want to be when you decide to build your home. Saving the cost could be easy when you are aligned, and ready to invest your time to understand the fundamentals of building construction. For a newbie, it may need few extra days to learn, but the information you collect during this process would be worth knowing.

Five Primary Categories of the construction process that affect the cost of the construction

Land Cost

The large part of the building cost goes into buying property. It is the first thing you spend money on. The Land cost varies depending on the location, amenities, regional tax, and many other factors.

According to Land.US, the cost of land may differ from state to state offering various advantages depending on the exact location. One of the most affordable areas in the USA is Tennessee. Here you can find a great parcel of land in the rural areas of the state. There are numerous advantages linked to the Land Purchase in this state. First of all you will be exempted from income taxes, that will save you from additional costs. Another advantage is that you can easily visit nearby cities, since Tennessee has easy access to urban communities. So, you will be living outside the city and at the same time close to all of the conveniences of city living.

How to Save on Land Cost?

If you are planning to build a house in a society, then cost of land near the entrance gates would be higher and there is no as such benefit of building house at the start of society. Always try to select at the far end of the society. This will gives you three benefits. Firstly, land cost would be cheaper than at the front. Secondly, whenever a vehicle moves on road then its moving tires disturb the settled dust particles which results in dusting the house. If you will purchase at the far end then very few vehicles will go in to that area and which results less dust particles in the air. Thirdly there will be less noise and smoke pollution in the far end of society. Fourthly, your children’s can play in the street and this opportunity is not available to the houses at the front of society, because everyone living in the society has to use that road of society for accessing his/her house.

Design Costs

Before you start the construction, you need the blueprint of your house. It is the time where the architect gets introduce to the construction process. The architect would measure the land, understand your requirements and find the modern technology to build your home. The design also consists of structural, MEP design of the building.

How to save on Design Cost?

Hire a professional construction company and architect. They both will assist you in saving money on the construction by offering a custom home design that requires less labor and material cost. Also, professionals know better about the type of material that sustain longer. The high-quality material will save money on future maintenance. Good designer will also design your house openings in such a manner that will save your electricity bill in the longer run.

Laisoning Costs

It includes the fees paid to the government for the approval of the land survey, plan approval, the permission of the construction from the local authority, etc.

How to Save Cost on Liaisoning?

Check for the subsidy given to the special group in the society. Use the government benefits offered to construct the home in a particular design. Also, you can save money on the tax paid to own the property. Land cost varies in different locations. You should check the local benefits offers to the people for owning the land in a particular area.

Material Costs

Construction material cost that includes the Cement, steel, sand, aggregate, blocks, bricks, tiles, paint, aesthetic improvement elements, electrician, water storage facility equipment, and several other essential things that makes the home complete.

How to save on the Construction Material Cost?

Use the local cement company to buy the cement. Local cement company would give you discount on buying in the bulk quantity. Also, check the local vendors who manufacture the product in the nearby factories.

Instead of buying the construction material from the company that transports the material from the other state, use the local company to save money. Also, less labor cost is needed to transfer the material from local vendors. The money saved on the transportation and labor cost is offered to the customer as a discount.

Material prices very much fluctuates and it is better to purchase far ahead. This will also helps you in saving material cost. It is also recommended to make sure the availability of material in access during execution, because if tempo of construction breaks due to unavailability of material then it results in less productivity.

Labour Costs

Manpower cost consumes a good amount of your construction expense. Labor costs for construction of RCC Structure, brickwork, plastering, finishing, and external development are some of the work that would be done by the manpower. The labor cost may fluctuate if the construction gets extended. You should be prepared for any uncertain circumstance that may put an additional burden on your finance.

How to save on Labour Costs?

The labor cost can be saved using the smart house design that requires less concrete construction. Majority of the task in the construction is related to the wall and pillar construction. If you manage to design the house in a way that doesn’t need many walls, then the cost of the labor will go down significantly.

You can have alternatives such as a glass structure instead of walls, a greenhouse structure that helps the natural light reach your home, open garden structure instead of the closed wall construction. Professional architecture would help you in designing a house that requires less construction work.


Managing building costs is possible when you have a better understanding of the construction process. Consult with the architect to discuss how you can achieve your goal to save money on the construction without compromising the design of the house. Work on the rough layout, improve the design and ensure that no additional cost is appended to the final construction.

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