Impact Crushers

The word impact makes sense that in this particular type of crusher some impaction is being used for crushing of rocks. In normal types of crusher pressure is generated for the crushing of rocks. But, impact crushers involve an impact method.

There is a hopper one side that takes the crushing material into the machine. All material is carried only within a cage. This cage has an opening on the end, bottom and on the side. These openings help in escaping the pulverized material from the impact crusher. Normally such type of crusher is used for crushing of materials that are not very hard say “soft material” and materials that are non-abrasive. For example limestone, coal, gypsum, seeds etc.

Impact crusher description

Advantages Of Impact Crusher

  1. Impact crusher has a blow bar that has very high chrome.
  2. Impact crusher makes a very simple flow chart of crushing material.
  3. Impact crusher has an ability to crush hard rocks.
  4. It has high efficiency.
  5. Easy hydraulic operation.
Crushers working flow chart | impact crusher

Crushers working flow chart | Jaw Crusher |  impact crusher


Types of Impact Crusher

  1. Horizontal shaft impactor
  2. Vertical shaft impactor

Horizontal Shaft Impactor (HSI)

Horizontal shaft impactor (HSI) crusher consists of hammers that are fixed to the spinning rotor. Hammers are utilized for the breaking of these rocks. Normally horizontal shaft impactor crusher is used for soft materials and materials like gypsum, phosphate, limestone and weathered shales.

Horizontal shaft impactor

Horizontal shaft impactor | impact crusher

Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI)

Working principle of vertical shaft impactor is totally different than horizontal shaft impactor. It has a high speed rotor with wearing resistant tips and main chamber (crushing chamber) is designed in such a way so that speed rotor throw the rocks against the high crushing chamber. In vertical shaft impactor crusher predominant force is the velocity of speed rotor.

Vertical shaft impactor Crusher | types of Impact Crusher | Speed rotor

Rock from ores has an irregular uneven shape. If crushers that used pressure force is used then it results in unpredictable and even more uneven, jagged shape particles. Therefore, use of VSI crusher results in more cubical and even shapes particles.  This is so, because vertical shaft impactor crusher utilizes the velocity force that is applied evenly to the surface and the mass of rock.


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