Motor Grader | Classification | Uses Of Motor Grader

Motor grader also named as road grader is a self-propelled machine with an adjustable blade. Position of blade is between the front and rear axle. That blade is most commonly used for cutting, spreading and leveling of material.

This machine has also a scarify option which is used for scarifying the underlying layer and then removal of that layer with the help of blade. After that a new layer is made by spreading some other soil or that scarify soil again. Motor graders are classified on the basis of frame structure. Depending on frame arrangement motor grader is classified as;

  1. Rigid frame motor grader
  2. Articulated frame motor grader
    Rigid Frame Motor Grader

    Rigid Frame Motor Grader

    Articulated frame motor grader

    Articulated frame motor grader

Rigid frame motor grader has only one axle. Axle is unable to turn left or right about a point. Articulated frame motor grader has a hinge in between the front and the rare axle. That type of grader is most commonly used where small space is available during turning.

Motor grader is one of the pieces of construction machinery that is used to create a well smooth, wide-ranging, and level surface. Most commonly motor graders are used for the maintenance of road. It spread the soil and then flattens that soil. Before the pavement of asphalt layer motor graders are used for uniformly flat surface so that asphalt distribute uniformly throughout the surface.

Uses Of Motor Grader | Functions

Now a day’s grader is used for;

  1. Moving of earth from one location to another.
  2. Leveling of soil so that next bitumen layer spread uniformly throughout the surface.
  3. Scarifying. Scarifying is the removal of complete layer of soil and then spreading of a new layer at that particular location.
  4. Mixing of two materials.
  5. Spreading of soil, aggregates etc…
  6. Trenching
  7. Land grading. It is the process in which a certain slope is achieved with the help of motor grader.
  8. Ditching
  9. And for cutting of bank canals.
  10. Motor grader is also used as snow removing machine. Because of speed and normal wheel instead of crawler wheel. This makes motor grader as most suitable machine for this type of operations in areas where snow rate is above the normal conditions.


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