Effect Of Air Entraining Admixtures On Strength

Air entraining admixtures affect the strength of concrete up to large extent. Air entraining admixtures have almost 15-25% effect on strength as compared to normal concrete. By using air entraining admixtures strength of concrete diminishes. With the use of 1% air entrained, strength of concrete decreases almost 5%. To overcome this effect, some other admixtures are being used that minimize those effects which have negative effect on strength. With the increase of entrained air, durability of concrete increases up to some extent after that recession starts in durability of concrete too.


Effect Of Air Entraining Admixtures On Strength And Durability OF Concrete

  • Along y-axis is the durability factor of concrete and compressive strength of concrete, along x-axis is the percent of en trained air.
  • Blue line represents the strength behavior of concrete and green line represents the durability of concrete.

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