Compressive Strength Of Concrete

It is the strength of concrete against applied compressive load or it is the strength of concrete before concrete fails to bear any load increment.

Every material have different bearing capacity standards against applied load from different directions. There are many materials which have compressive as well as tensile strength, and also there are different materials exists which have only strength against load in one direction

Concrete belongs from those groups, which have high compressive strength but very weak strength against tensile load, and we call it as tensile strength of concrete. Concrete has high compressive strength because every particle trying to resist the applied compressive load. It is weaker against tensile load, because during tensile load not every particle is participating in strength resistance. In concrete compressive strength depends on many factors.

Factors Affecting Compressive Strength

There are many factors which effects the strength of concrete. these are listed below;

  1. Amount of cement
  2. Amount of water
  3. Curing conditions
  4. Curing temperature
  5. Curing conditions
  6. Types of ingredients
  7. Shape and size
  8. Mix ratio/mix proportion
  9. Conditions during test


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