Curing conditions

There are different curing conditions,depending on the property of concrete. Cured concrete strength continuously increases with the passage of time. Water that is necessary for the formation of hydration products will not evaporate and is totally available for hydration products, so uniformly hydration products form which lead to increment in strength with time.

Properly cured concrete has benefit on strength as compared to concrete that is not cured. After 1-day of placing properly cured concrete has almost 15-20% strength of 28-day concrete, and after 7-days of placing cured concrete has almost 60% strength of 28-days. After passing one year, variations between properly cured and concrete without curing conditions are very little bit.

Advantages of cured concrete

Following are the advantages of properly cured concrete over concrete without curing condition:

  1. By curing forms (that are used to support slabs concrete and resist the downward movement of concrete during placing and before hardening) can be remove earlier.
  2. If time duration is small for multistory building then by curing construction rate can be faster.
  3. In airports, where little time is available for repairing, in these conditions curing method is applied after placing of concrete, so that it gain rapid strength.

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