Workability of Concrete

It is that property of concrete which determines how much effort will be required to properly handle a freshly mixed batch concrete with lessen loss of homogeneity. Handling of concrete includes very first operations after a concrete will out from the batch and now in the field. Handling includes properly placement of concrete, compaction of fresh concrete and how well it well be finish as a final product. Here homogeneity of concrete mean probabilities of segregation and bleeding. This all depends on the workability of fresh concrete.
Workability is not too simple to understand, because there are many factors which effects workability very well and there are also an inter-relation between these properties too. These factors are:

  1. Amount of water
  2. Aggregate size
  3. Admixtures
  4.  Time of mixing
  5. Temperature
  6.  Mix proportions
  7.  Cement properties

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