Purposes of Specifications

What are Specifications?

To define the quality required, material workmanship, its properties, types and strength of construction material is known as specifications. It is such kind of information, which cannot be described from construction drawing. For Example: Length and width of doors, windows are visible on drawing. But, it is not possible to show the type of wood which is used for doors and windows. There is a wide variation in prices between different types of wood. Beside this, different types of wood differ in appearance as well as in properties. That is why, it is necessary to show the type of wood.

In the same manner, concrete ingredients, their ratio and specialties can only be shown through specifications.  It is possible to show concrete symbolically on drawing. But separate explanation is required for its ingredients, type and properties of coarse aggregates, sand, cement, amount of water. The cost of a work depends much on covered area and on the specifications. Therefore, specifications should be clear.

Purposes of Specifications

Purpose of specification is to highlight the necessary information which cannot be obtained from drawing. Further main purposes of writing specifications are;

  1. To show the strength of construction material or construction work.
  2. To show the ratio of concrete or mortar ingredients.
  3. TO show the type of material like type of wood, glass etc.
  4. To show the color of construction material.
  5. To show the clauses of contracts.
  6. To show the cost of material.
  7. To show the procedure of construction works.
  8. To show the construction equipment used during construction.


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