Simple Stresses And Strains Formulas

Following are the formulas relating to simple stresses and strains.

  • Simple Stress
\(Stress\space\ = \frac{force}{Area}\)
  • Simple Strain

\(Strain\space\ = \frac{Increase\space\ in\space\ length}{Original\space\ length}\)

  • Young’s Modulus of Elasticity
\(Young’s\space\ Modulus\space\ = \frac{Stress}{Strain}\)
  • Poison’s Ratio
\(Posion’s\space\ Ratio\space\ =\frac{1}{m}\)
  • Volumetric Strain
\(Volumetric\space\ Strain\space\ = \frac{Change\space\ in\space\ volume}{Original\space\ volume}\)
  • Proportional Limit Stress
\(Proportional\space\ limit\space\ stress\space\ = \frac{Proportional\space\ limit\space\ stress}{Area}\)
  • Ultimate Stress
\(Ultimate\space\ stress\space\ =\frac{Ultimate\space\ load}{Area}\)
  • Actual Breaking Stress
\(Actual\space\ breaking\space\ stress\space\ = \frac{Breaking\space\ load}{Final\space\ area}\)
  • Nominal Breaking Stress
\(Nominal\space\ breaking\space\ stress\space = \frac{Breaking\space\ load}{Original\space\ area}\)
  • Percentage Elongation
\(Percentage\space\ Elongation\space\ =\frac{(Final\space length\space\ -\space\ Original\space\ length)\times 100}{Original\space\ length}\)
  • Percentage Reduction 
\(Percentage\space\ reduction\space\ = \frac{(Original\space\ area\space\ -\space\ Final\space\ area)\times 100}{Original\space\ area}\)



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