Types of Strain

Direct Strain

Direct strain is that produce because of the action of direct stresses. These strains are also named as simple strains.

Direct strains are further categorized in to two sub types.

  1. Tensile Strain:
  2. Compressive Strain:

Tensile Strain

Tensile strain is that which is produce because of tensile stresses.

Tensile Strength Formula

\(Tensile Strain= frac{Increase in length}{Original length}\)

\(e_{t}=frac{delta l}{l}\)

[Tensile Strain = frac{Final length – Original length}{Original length}]

Compressive Stain

Compressive stain is that which produce in a body when two equal and opposite forces try to compress the body. In this case length of body decreases as compressive stress try to compress the body.

Compressive Strain Formula

\(Compressive Strain=frac{Decrease in length}{Original length}\)

Shear Strain

shear strain is that strain which produce under the action of shear stresses. In this case, body displace transversely from its original position.  Shear strain is the ratio of transverse shear displacement to the original length.

Shear Strain Formula

\( Shear Strain = frac{Transverse Displacement}{Original Length}\)

[e_{s} = frac{Δl}{l}]

Volumetric Strain

If a stress acts on a body from all the three sides then it results change in dimensions of a body from all sides. This change leads to a change in its volume.

Volumetric Strain Formula

\(Volumetric Strain = frac{Change in volume}{Original Volume}\)



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