Central Tendency | Mean | Example

Mean, median and mode are the various methods that give an overview of the statistical data numerically. A given statistical data can be represented either graphically or numerically. Graphical description of data is with the help of a bar graph, line graph, pie chart or by frequency curve. All graphs give an  information about behavior of data with the variation in peak of a graph.


A statistical mean gives the middle values of the data. It is simply the average of the given numbers. It is most commonly used for finding the averages. For Example : class average, average height of a group of students, average daily temperature during the month of august etc…

It is represented by  and read as “x-bar”.

Mathematically, it can be written as;

Where, x1 x2, x3…. x are the sum of the given number in nominator  and n in denominator is the total number of values.


A sample consists of 6 numbers. The numbers are 7, 12, 15, 13, 11 and 6. Find the mean of  given data.


By using mean formula.

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