Properties Comparison Of Emulsion And Cutbacks


Emulsions are much more benefit than cutbacks. These are given below;

  1. Emulsions are environmental friendly. Emulsions have no effect on environment, because in emulsion there is no such diluent which has negative effect on environment.
  2. Emulsions are cheaper than any other binding material containing same properties.
  3. Emulsions can easily apply even at low temperature. Therefore, this saves the cost of fuel.
  4. These have no side effects, safe to use.
  5. It can be applied even wet surfaces. There is no requirement of dry surface before spraying


Cutbacks have some benefits, but also have many disadvantages too.

  1. Cutbacks are not environmental friendly. Cutbacks create air pollution, because in cutbacks solvent is not water which evaporates after spraying.
  2. As in case of cutbacks solvent is not water that become the reason of high energy diluents wastage in the atmosphere.
  3. Cutbacks are not safe to use, because of high energy products chances of catching fire is possible.
  4. Cutbacks cannot be applied at every temperature. Therefore, in this an extra fuel cost is required.
  5. Dry pavement is required for spraying of cutbacks. Therefore, these cannot be applicable on wet surfaces and due to this reason many days will be required for drying of surface.

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