Types of Crushers

Fine crusher

When more fine particles are required then here comes the finer crusher. It is usually for limestone, cement, basalt, iron ore, granite and ricer stone. Fine crusher has a very simple structure that’s why it can be maintained easily. It is most commonly used for the construction of airport, metallurgy, bridges, roads, highways etc.

Fine crusher

Roller Crusher

It is a portable crushing machine. Roller crusher is classified further depending upon the quantity needed.  Most common classifications are;

  1. double roller crusher
  2. four roller crusher

Roller crusher is easy to maintain, economical, adjustable production size and a very steady operation.

roller crusher | working | Animation

Channel Crusher

Channel crusher has a very wide range of applications in mine, coal, glass, porcelains, ceramics, stubborn materials, electric power industries etc. Channel crusher has the ability of crushing stones having strength lies between low to medium hardness ores.

Channel crusher

Hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher is comprised of high speed hammers that crush the rocks through the collision between the material and the hammer.  Hammer crusher is for medium to high strength lying materials and it is for dry as well as wet material. Hammer crushers are most commonly used for mining, making of cement, construction materials, coal, chemical industry, metallurgical etc.


hammer crusher

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