Effect of Air Entraining Admixtures on Concrete

Air entraining admixtures affects very widely the properties of concrete. Slump value of concrete increases by using air entraining admixtures, by using 1% air entraining admixtures value of slump increases almost 10-15mm. when slump value increases, then this mean workability (how easy you handle concrete) of concrete will also increases.

Air entraining admixtures also lessen the required amount of water. By increasing air content from naturally occurring amount of air, then required amount of water will decline which is almost 3-4 kg/m3. When required amount of water will be less than concrete gain strength early and also we will get a well uniform and a well compacted concrete. Well compacted concrete mean “as water decreases so number of voids also decreases inside the concrete “ and when voids decreases then number of weak points in that particular concrete will also be less, so as a result a well-compacted and high strength concrete will obtained.


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