Types of Building

Types of Building

Following are the types of building, based on their usage.

Residential Building

Residential buildings are those buildings that are used for residence. For example: house, flat and hostel etc.

Commercial Building

Commercial buildings are those which are used for commercial purposes. For Example: shop, godown, bank, plazas, shopping malls etc.

Educational Building

Educational buildings are those which are used for educational purposes. For example: school, colleges, universities etc.

Office Building

Building used as office of specific organization is known as office building. For example: post office, secriteriat, mobilink office, telecommunication office etc.

Industrial Building

Buildings used for industrial purposes are known as industrial building. For Example: Factory, industries etc.

Hospital Building

Hospital buildings are those where human being or animals are diagnosed. For example: dispensary, veterinary hospital etc.

Religious Building

Religious buildings are those where people worship according to the teachings of their religion. For Example: Mosques, church etc.

Recreation Building

Buildings used for recreational purposes are known as recreational buildings. For Example: Cinema, swimming pools, theatre, gaming zone, indoor sports complex etc…

Historical Building

Buildings that are built to remember history are known as historical buildings. For Example: Miner-e-Pakistan,


Building used for storage of different materials is known as Godown. For example: cold storage, garage, ware houses etc.

Public Building

Building that facilitates public is known as public building. For example: railway station, bus stand, library etc.

Social Building

Buildings used for social purposes are known as social building. For example: marriage halls, community centers etc.