Types of Construction Specifications

There are two types of specifications.

  1. General Specifications
  2. Detailed Specifications

General Specifications

General specifications provide a very brief explanation about construction materials and construction work. Generally, Architect mentioned these specifications on a drawing, which helps for estimating the construction work. These specifications are not a part of contract. These specifications help about knowing the name of different materials, their ratios, and quantities.

Detailed Specifications

Detailed specifications convey the requirements of project to contractor through a detailed explanation of materials and work. It provides a complete knowledge about the construction material, workmanship of construction work, ratio of different materials, mixing method, quantity of individual material, how to prepare the materials and conduct the installation, different testing requirements to be followed and how work will be measured.

Detailed specifications are a  part of contract, that’s why it helps in understanding the contract. Detailed specifications should be written in a pattern which is to be followed during execution of work.

Types of Detailed Specifications

Detailed Specifications are of two types

  1. Standard Specifications
  2. Special Specifications

Standard Specifications

Standard specifications are those which remain same for various types of projects. These specifications can be used for every project that fall into this category. Different public sector organizations collect data from various types of construction work and published data in the form of a book. No need to write detailed specifications again and again for every project. It saves from mistakes while writing specifications over and over again.

Detailed specifications help during the preparation of Tender Documents.  One has just to mention the reference number of standard specifications.

Special Specifications

Sometime construction projects are of special type. Specifications for these types of projects are not mentioned in detailed specifications book. Consultant has to write specifications for this type of work. In tender documents these specifications are written separately under Special Specifications heading.

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