Disadvantages of steel structures:

Steel construction starts from UK since 18’s. Before steel, they had used wood for construction. They had used steel at that time because they found only material at that time which is a fire resistant. In case of wood if a factory caught under fire then no remains left. Everything burn out, but they not know very well about properties of steel at that time…

Steel is one of the most widely used, from the list of materials. Every material has some benefits as well as flaws. Steel structures are susceptible to different environmental conditions. There are some properties in which concrete structures are preferred over steel. Some of the major flaws are;

  1.  Maintenance cost of a steel structure is very high. Due to action of rust in steel, expensive paints are required to renew time to time. So that resistance against severe conditions increases.
  2. Steel has very small resistance against fire as compared to concrete. Almost from 600-700C half of steel strength reduced.
  3.  Steel cannot be mold in any direction you want. It can only be used in forms in which sections originally exists.
  4.  If steel loses its ductility property, than chances of brittle fractures increase.
  5.  If there are very large variations in tensile strength than this lead steel to more tension. Due to which steel tensile properties graph falls down.

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