Steel Structures

Steel construction starts from UK since 18’s. Before steel, they were using wood construction as a construction material. They had used steel at that time because they found only material at that time which is a fire resistant. In case of wood if a factory caught under fire then no remains left.

Everything burn out, but they not know very well about properties of steel at that time. They also had no other choice because concrete evolution was not very remarkable at that time.
Now days for construction steel structures are used throughout the world. Steel structures are preferred over concrete where structure is based on frame. What engineer does in case of concrete?

He took sections of steel to the field and placed these different sections. Where ever he wants, but this will not be possible in case of concrete. In concrete, during the very first step of construction slabs are laid and then wait until the removal of forms. Steel structures have some overriding properties as compared to concrete, but there also some properties in which concrete structures are dominant.

Therefore steel has some;

  1.  Advantages of steel structures
  2. Disadvantages of steel structures

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