Why CVs Get Rejected

What do you think? Why most of CV’s get rejected? There are many reasons behind this, but following are the reasons that stands in most cases.

  1.  Presentation may be not according to professional standards. While presenting your CV majority of people done two majors mistake that put first impression very bad on employer. These are    •   May be wrong layout    •   Writing color
  2.  CV may be either too long or too short, in case when your CV is too long then employer, who’s looking at your CV feel very unpleasant when they found information that not meet their requirements. In case when your CV is too short, then employer not judge about yourself very well.
  3.  Irregularities in dates may become another reason. Irregularities in dates mean wrong arrangement of your education career like first you have done O-level than A-level and bachelor. Arrange in a proper sequence first thing comes first. One reason of this un-orderly arrangement may be you are trying to hide something.
  4. Lack of achievements may also became the reason of rejection. If you not mention what you have achieved up till now than how employer will know about character? From your achievements, employer will know about your interests, your hobbies, in which particular field you will be master, how active you are etc…..
  5. Lack of skills also become the reason of CV being rejected. There are many students who have done very well in their studies, but due to lack of some socials activities they don’t have skills. If a student who has got 4 GPA and not knows how to communicate with others? Then what will he do for this 4.
  6.  One other that will become most probable reason is that, you not well aware of your career objectives. Due to this missing, person who not knows may apply for a job that is not related to what degree he holds.

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