Avoid Resume Mistakes

There are some very common mistakes that most applicants do while writing resume. While writing resume, focus towards the resume is very important. Your resume should show the employer very clear of what capabilities you have. 

  1.  Use strong presentation and define your objective straightforward and objective statement should be very simple and clear.
  2. Use good writing skills and use precise vocabulary.  Avoid wordiness, otherwise it will be much more difficult for you to convey proper message.
  3. Make your resume more reader-friendly by using bullet style.
  4.  Write only  information what they have required. Irrelevant information became the reason of CV being too long.
  5. Use keywords that will be based on job requirements, because nowadays employer’s reliance is based on keywords to find applicants for an interview.
  6.  Mention your achievements/awards very clear and if you have a choice then mention only that which will support you in a particular job.
  7.  Only mention value things and don’t try to express yourself in a negative approach.
  8.  Mention your volunteer works, sport and charity work if any, because all of these have positive impression on the reader.

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