Irrelevant Information In Resume

There are many information which are not required in resume. One who mention these information,  may be his/her resume get rejected based on irrelevant information. Some employer felt childish when someone mention these kinds of information. These are:

CNIC Number

Questions were asked to many company holders about NIC number. ‘’ IS it necessary to mention NIC number in CV/resume?”
Answer that was obtained after polling was:

  •  1% said yes it is necessary
  • 99% said no it is unnecessary we don’t have a need of this.

Now if you think it is necessary then mention it, because everyone has its own point of view.

Passport number

There are many people in the world who wrote their passport no. on CV. Before mentioning, think for a moment why am i mentioning this? There is no such requirements in your CV. If it is necessary then everyone should have to be mention. Passport no. is not necessary, because it has no relation with your career.


In European countries they don’t ask you for your photo, because they feel that photo creates discrimination. If your selection is based on your photo, then a person who is not such good looking, then he/she will not get justice.therefore, don’t give them your photo. If they ask you for your photo than gave them, otherwise don’t give them a choice to reject your resume based on your photo. If you are providing your photo than gave them a photo in passport size, because CV has some standards which must be follow so that you can get a call for interview. Don’t gave them a photo where you are in different poses.

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