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Dozer is a crawler type tractor that is equipped with a front blade (also call as pusher blade). Crawler type is a type of wheel a dozer equipped with. And in this type, dozer runs on two endless tracks. Due to crawler type it has a low ground pressure and that makes dozer to work even on those surfaces where normal wheel dozer is unable to work.

Due to crawler type, it has a very strong under carriage and has very high resistance for wear. This makes dozer to work at grades/slopes with a very strong ability of pull in forward direction even at grades.

Crawler Type Dozer

Crawler Type Dozer

Dozer has numerous functions. It has ability to;

  1. Dig hard soil
  2. Level the varying terrains
  3. Compact soil layer
  4. Excavate any type of soil
  5. It also function of ripping the soil
  6. It has ability of clearing the ground.

Dozer can excavate soil of any type of strata. It works even on those lands where others machines fails to work. It has also a capability of leveling the terrains that varies very much.

When there is a hard strata underlying, where blade cutting edge is powerless to function then for these kinds of surfaces, dozer has a ripper at tail end. It first rips the soil with the help of ripper so that soil becomes soft enough. And after that it excavate with the help of front blade. So there is no need of separate ripper tractor.

Ripper Dozer

Ripper Dozer(it is used for ripping the soil)

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