Amount Of Water | Effect on Workability

Water amount is the most prominent factor, which affects the workability of fresh concrete. Workability is mostly the measure of flow ability of fresh concrete in between the voids and how well concrete will be compacted after hardening.

If amount of water in fresh concrete will be more than this will gives concrete, a better flow ability and well compaction. While more water is significant but this also have some harmful effects too. Because when water content increases then with the same amount probability of segregation and bleeding also increases.

For a proper homogenous concrete consider following points in mind while evaluating water content through mix proportions.

  1. Take almost that much amount of water, which will be required for filling voids inside the particles.
  2. Take that much amount also which will absorb on the surface of particles.
  3. Take also some extra amount of water which will lubricate the particles of sand, cement, and aggregates.

If only that much amount of water will be added to concrete during batching, then chances of segregation and bleeding will be minimized.

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