Variable | Classification Of Variable | Example

It is a characteristic that is either given in the form of value or quantity and that varies over the time is known as variable.

Values are the mathematical numbers (i.e. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9) and these numbers may be 1-digit or a combination of digits. For example height of 4 students in inches are 55, 72, 56 and 74. Here figures 55, 72, 56 and 74 are the the values of variable and height is a characteristic. If height will measure again after a few months or later, then the values of variables may be changed.

Classification Of Variable

Depending on the characteristic, variable can be classified as;

  1. Quantitative variable
  2. Qualitative variable

Quantitative Variable

It is a characteristic whose numerical/mathematical representation is possible.


  • Height of students in inches like 55, 72, 56, 74
  • Number of students in a class like 20,25, 25
  • The marks obtained by students in a class like 55, 71, 80, 91 etc.…
  • Age of student like 21, 18, 23, 19years
  • Number of tables in a classroom

Classification of Quantitative Variable

Quantitative variables are further classified into two main categories. Depending on the given data i.e. Either a given data is in whole numbers or in fraction/decimal.

  1. Discrete Variable
  2. Continuous Variable

Qualitative Variable

When the characteristic is non numerical or a characteristic whose numerical representation is not possible.


Eye color, Intelligence, poverty, Education, knowledge, light, darkness etc.…



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